The island of Vir is the perfect location if you want to relax and have a drink overlooking the sea.

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Places with the most beautiful view


Three top beach bars on the island of Vir – Mul, Marinero and Maritimo – are ideal places to relax and enjoy the magic of summer with a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as hot or chilled drinks. Beach bar Mul is a proud beauty of the south of Vir and probably the best beach bar in Zadar County. But, while Mul with its natural ambience of a beach amphitheater, has no competition in the entire Zadar region, the Marinero beach bar is indisputable in the northern part of the island. With a peculiar bow design made of stone by the famous Zadar architect Bogdan Marov, this beach bar is located above the sandy beach in Biskupljača with the unique view of the neighbouring island of Pag. Beach bar Maritimo is the last in line, but not less attractive because it is connected with the largest sandy beach Jadro, and provides sun protection and refreshment from the summer heat. All beach bars have a large selection of top ice creams, the best and selected coffees and cocktails and other summer sensations.

Beach bar Marinero

Like a huge stone bow above the sandy beach in Biskupljača, the Ambiental beach bar Marinero sails like a real sailor.

For all swimmers and walkers, Marinero represents an ideal place for rest and awakening with the first-morning coffee or gathering in the evening with the sea freshness and a view to the mythical mountain of Velebit. It offers intimacy, shelter from the heat, atmosphere of romance that has no end. If the beach bar Mul is a beauty of the southwestern part of the island, the beach bar Marinero has no competition on the north part of the island of Vir. It is protected by parasols and decorated with natural arrangements of Mediterranean plants and flowers. Everything else is the trademark of Vir Turizam – top-level coffee, cold drinks ice creams, and cocktails.

Beach bar Na mulu

Placed next to the pebbled beach Jadro and Muja in the centre of the island, beach bar Na Mulu is the most beautiful beach bar on the island and one the prettiest on the Adriatic.

It has been decorated several times with ornamental plants and comfortable seats, and from hot sunny days, it is protected by parasols and sea freshness. Except for the usual offers of cocktails, drinks, and beverages it offers a coffee break to the visitors and bathers an ideal place to relax and chat. Even more than that.

Beach bar Maritimo

Beach bar Maritimo is the last in a row of beach bars opened on the island by Vir Turizam.

It is located on the sandy part of the beach and promenade Jadro in the center of summer events and post-season activities. It has a luxurious offer of various drinks and beverages, ice creams, and a shelter from the summer heat. In a break from the daily sensations and excitement in the colors of the evening freshness and the taste of the sea, there is no better place to enjoy the sunset.


For all the young and those who feel that way who want to release the brakes a bit. We have top clubs and bars for you. If you want to combine summer with the best offer of night outs, gather the company and go to Vir!

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The exceptional purity of the Vir Sea on the west and south side and the impeccable blue sea in the Nova Povljana Canal on the north and east side makes the whole island one attractive beach, whether they are urban or wild, natural beaches.


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