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Sports clubs in the area of ​​the Island of Vir


There are several sports clubs on the island of Vir whose work has a special social significance. The work of these associations is supported by the allocation of certain funds from the budget of the Municipality of Vir.

Boćarski klub “Vir”

The club was founded in 1985.The club was founded in 1985.

President of the club: Darko Bašić

The club encourages and promotes bouling sport; organizes competitions in bocce, official as well as trophy; participates through its members in those competitions as well as in other competions organized by the federation; undertakes activities to improve bocce sport; acts on the improvement of material, personnel and other conditions for achieving the highest sports achievement in bocce; educates its members through lectures, courses, counseling and publications for bocce sport proper application of regulations in bocce; cooperates with other clubs, professional and scientific institutions, all in order to improve its activities; proposes to the authorities in charge the adoption of regulation and measures for its developing; performs even other tasks entrusted to the Club on the basis of regulations or voluntary and mandatory association with other associations.

Nogometni klub “Mornar” Vir

The club was founded in 1955.

President of the club: Živko Vučetić

The club was established to perform football activities, participate in football competitions, promote sports recreation and to improve football. The goal of FC „Mornar“ is to gather around football fans.Through its work, the club contributes to the popularization of football, development of sports habits, competition in the associated football leagues and nurturing the principles of the Olympic movement and sports rules.

Sport fishing society

It was founfed in 1994 in Vir with the aim of developing and promoting sports recreation, encouraging top sports creativity and the development of sports activities for children and youth. Sport fishing is above all a joy and socializing. The activities of the sport fishing society Vir are manifested in multiple activities on the planned development of the sport, environmental protection and protection of the sea, organizing and participating in sports competition in fishing. The club is the member of the Croatian Association and County Association for sport fishing at sea. The club also has an active fishing school for children and youth. The club sells annual and daily fishing licenses.

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Klapa Puntadura

The mixed Vir klapa Puntadura is a continuation of the tradition started with the founding and long term activity of the klapa Vir. When the men's klapa was shut down, a mixed klapa was founded in which singers from Vir and Petrčane perform. Puntadura has performed at numerous concerts, special ceremonies and humanitarian actions, and guys and girls from the klapa Vir are the most proud of their participation in the famous Omiš Festival. Along with the destination company Vir Turizam, Puntadura is the organizer of traditional klapa gatherings at Vir third and the New Year's concert in the parish church of St. George in Vir, when a dozen of male, female and mixed klapas and choirs gather on the island.


The Association of Voluntary Blood Donors (AVBD) Vir was founded 11 years ago and it was formed on the basis of the earlier Vir Donor Assets. During those 11 years Vir's AVBD has grown from the assoiation with several members to 110 members and about 30 volunteers and it has become the best donor association in Zadar County, and in Croatia a synonym for humanitarian work. Together with the humanitarian organization Dobra volja from Zagreb, Vir's AVBD organizes free holidays every year for families of lower property status who cannot afford holidays in the Adriatic, and it stands out also in collecting household supplies for the Social Self-Sevice in Zadar and the Public Kitchen. AVBD Vir is a symbol of a highly organized association ready to act at any time and it was best shown during the crises in Petrinja, Kostajnica, Sisak and Glina when one day after the devastating earthquake AVBD sent the first of three trucks with humanitarian aid.


The Vizera Association was founded with the aim of preserving and nurshuring Vir masquerades, the oldest carnival customs in Zadar County that have been documented for at least three centuries. Vizera has put traditional island masquerades to the next level by turning them into carnival festivities that have retaind their original form, but had been given additional content: kindergarten carnival for more than 1300 participants, an international carnival procession, a winter version of City Games and Saturday big star concerts. The culmination of this one-month event is burning the carnival and the unbridled concert that follows it.

Fitness center Vir

Fitness Center Vir
Working hours: Mon - Fri 08 - 20h, Sun: from 14 to 20h
Contact 091 229 1772

Fitness center Vir offers its customers a wide range of equipment, exercise programs either personalized or group. Whether you want to play sports professionally or as an amateur, the Fitness Center offers you both. Fitness center Vir has a total of 180 square meters, which is enough for everyone to join us. See you!


It is practically possible to go through the entire island by bike and it is particularly attractive a ride by a Vir ring that encircles the western and the northern part of the island


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The trails can be used as a walking trail and as trekking trails on the slopes of the highest island peaks of Barbenjak and Bandira because they are connected by attractive ambient fire-fighting routes.

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