The economy of Island Vir is based on tourism



Economy - in the past, today and in the future!


Vir's economy is primarily based on tourism and service activities.

The economy in the past

In the past, Vir was one of the most economically undeveloped parts in the area of today's Zadar county. The population was mostly oriented to agriculture and to a lesser extent to fishing. Farming was developed in parts of Vir where the rockery allowed it, and the rocky pastures were suitable for cattle breeding, mostly sheep. Cattle were also bred, which were primarily used as work force, and for the same reason people in Vir, like many in Dalmatia, also bred donkeys. The population was engaged in cultivating the land and raising livestock mainly for their own needs. Cereals, such as wheat, barely, oats, corn and rye were sown on arable land. Significant areas were under vines and people also significantly grew potatoes and various types of legumes. After the construction of the bridge and improved supply possibilities through the trade network, the people in Vir are slowly abandoning the cultivation of cereals and sheep. Vegetable growing is a branch of agriculture that also had great significance, and it survived even until today. The grapevine has remained the most represented agricultural crop to this day. Of the other crops in Vir, figs were also planted as well as olives in a smaller amount. Only recently, the cultivation of olives intensified, which were not significantly grown before, primarily due to the adverse influence of a strong bora.

The economy today

Today, the economy of Vir is mostly based on tourism and service activities. There is a large number of catering objects (restaurants, taverns, coffee bars etc.). The tourist offer is also filled by campsites and a number of small crafts and companies in the construction industry. Today's tourist development of Vir owes greatly to the connection of the island with the mainland. After the construction of the bridge in Vir, the construction of the weekend houses began. The construction of numerous weekend houses, for which Vir became famous to the general public, determined the future flow of the economic development. Tourism is the most prominent branch of the economy in Vir, which offer is based on numerous apartments, rooms for rent, family houses and luxury holiday homes.

The economy in the future

The economic future of Vir is largely determined by the strong, but controlled, development of tourism, and thus the accompanying service industry, with the development of small business and craft activities.


The exceptional purity of the Vir Sea on the west and south side and the impeccable blue sea in the Nova Povljana Canal on the north and east side makes the whole island one attractive beach, whether they are urban or wild, natural beaches.

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In the daily offer of our restaurants you can enjoy a wide selection of cold and hot appetizers, meat and fish dishes, as well as sweet desserts and the rich taste of Dalmatian wines.

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