Climate, vegetation and fauna of the Island Vir



Climate and natural features


The pleasant Mediterranean climate is a great advantage in the tourist development of the Island Vir.

Mediterranean climate

A special feature is the strong influence of the northeast wind, i.e. the bora, especially during the winter, and to a lesser extent the influence of the south wind, so the winds represent a significant climatic characteristic of the island. Mediterranean climatic characteristics are also evident in terms of precipitation. Rains are more present in winter time, the most present in late autmn and rare during the summer. The number of sunny hours on average amounts is 2450, which is slightly less than 300 sunny days per year. The average temperature in July is 24,5 C, and in Januaryn 6,5 C.


In terms of vegetation, the island of Vir also belongs to the Mediterranean vegetation region. It is characterized by plant communities of dry grasslands and rocky pastures with various types of low vegetation. Of the other vegetation cover it should be noted: holm oak, strawberry trees, holly, spruce, stinky tree and blackberry. In the second half of the last century, the inhabitans of the island planted pine trees, which today represent  most of the forested areas on the island. Of the Mediterranean cultures vine and fig are the most present on the island. Only recently olive groves appeared that were not cultivated more intensively in the past, primarily due to the influence of the strong bora.


The fauna of the island of Vir abounds in various species. Various species of reptiles can be found, from copperhead, blindworm to the most poisonous European snake horned viper. There are also several species of birds on the island, such as sparrows, blackbirds, turtledoves, crows, magpies, partidges, gulls and pheasants, which were brought to the island and also make a significant part of the animal population. From mammals there are rabbits, martens, field mice, wolves etc. that also live on the island. The sea area around the island is rich in animal species, from various species of mollusks and crabs to all kinds of fish.


The exceptional purity of the Vir Sea on the west and south side and the impeccable blue sea they have created beaches that will delight you.

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It is practically possible to go through the entire island by bike and it is particularly attractive a ride by a Vir ring that encircles the western and the northern part of the island

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