High quality upbringing and education are of key importance on the Island of Vir.



Preschool and primary education


The Municipality of Vir is the founder of the preschool institution on the island – kindergarten „Smješko“.

There is one preschool institution in Vir, and that is the kindergarten „Smješko“, and the regional department of the Primary School Privlaka, where pupils attend first four grades of primary school.

Primary education was introduced in the late 19th century and it worked until today, with brief interruptions during the World War II. After the Second World War, there was also a school in Lozice where pupils from Lozice and Torovi attended the first four grades. The primary school with all eight grades in Vir operated until the school year 1975/1976. Due to the rationalization of primary education in this area and the merging of Vir with the mainland, the primary school in Vir stopped working and became the regional department of P.S. Privlaka. Since then, the first four grades have been attended at the school in Vir, and the other four grades pupils have attended in Privlaka. With the increase in population, especially after the construction of the bridge, the number of children increased on the island, and thus the need to re-establish full primary education in Vir, which is one of the basis projects of the Municipality of Vir.

The Municipality of Vir is the founder of the only preschool institution on the island, the kindergarten „Smješko“. It was founded in 1994, and as an independent institution it had been working since 2006. It is financed by the Municipality of Vir so that parents are free of any cost for their children during their stay in the kindergarten. Recently, a new kindergarten has been built with all the accompanying fascilities where it works even today.

It should be emphasized that the Municipality of Vir finances the purchase of textbooks and school supplies for third and fourth grade of high school students in the amount of 2500,00 kuna, and the purchase of school supplies for all other primary and secondary school students in the amount of 1500,00 kuna. Also, together with the Zadar County, the Municipality of Vir participates in the co-financing of travel expences for third and fourth grade high school students. Special attention is dedicated to higher education where undergraduate and postgraduate students are awarded scholarships according to the conditions and criteria for acquiring the right to receive scholarships arising from the Scholarship Decision of the Municipality of Vir.

Kindergarten Smješko

Kindergarten „Smješko“ Vir is a public institution in the area of the Municipality of Vir, which, within the activities of preschool education, takes care of children and implements programmes of education, health care, nutrition and social care for children  from the age of threee to the primary school.

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P.S. Privlaka

According to some indicators, the elementary school Privlaka in Privlaka started working in 1862. for the first time. At first it was placed in private houses. It worked occasionally and after World War II it worked in the rooms of Cooperative home until 1974. when it moved into the current building.

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